Beginning the Journey

Before we begin, I must reiterate that the Personal Mom Coaching service is exclusively for moms who have purchased Taking Care of the ‘Me’ in Mommy or received the book as a gift. The publisher and I thought long and hard about whether to make this section password-protected and include a unique code within each book. Others counseled me to charge for this service. At the end of the day, even though the majority of the expenses related to the creation of this bonus section came out of Steve’s and my personal bank account, we decided to go with the honor system. With that in mind, if you have not yet purchased the book, or you can think of a mom who would benefit from this service, please click here before proceeding. Thanks for your honesty and for understanding.

Now, let’s get started. I recommend that we start our journey of becoming better moms by strengthening our spirits. Choose one area to focus on your spiritual walk: Bible reading, prayer, journaling, Scripture memorization, or praise. Studies show that it takes three weeks to establish a habit, so for the next twenty-one days you will receive an e-mail from me each morning. Within that e-mail will be a friendly reminder, a word of encouragement, a practical tip, and a prayer.

We not only need support, but we also need someone with enough tough love to hold us accountable for the commitment we’ve made. So I’m also going to include a special “We did it!” link within the e-mail. I use the pronoun “we” to remind you that you are not alone on this journey. We are in this together, and more importantly, it is God who will supply you with the strength you need to accomplish your goals.

Within each email I will suggest a practical way to reinforce the habit you are putting into practice. Don’t worry if you can’t, or choose not to, use the idea I’ve suggested for that day. As long as you do something to further your goal within the topic you’ve chosen, click the “We did it!” link with confidence.

Hebrews 10:24 says, “Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.” It is not my intention to nag you or make you feel guilty if you just aren’t able to accomplish your goal for the day, but I do want to stir you up a bit. By including the “We did it!” link, I’m hoping to give you an added incentive to find time for yourself, even if some days it is simply for the thrill of being able to click that link and send the announcement of your “good works” so I may rejoice with you. At the end of twenty-one days, you not only will have established a wonderful habit, but you will also receive a multimedia celebration “Congratulations!” card from me. (Woo-hoo!)

(If you are already thinking of a friend you believe would benefit from Taking Care of the ‘Me’ in Mommy and the Personal Mom Coaching service then click here to send her an email with a link to tell her all about it.)

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