What We Do.

Haven, and Clancy are currently enrolled in a local homeschool academy where they attend classes for two days a week, are homeschooled for two days and have extra-curricular activities available on Fridays. We are excited about God's provision of this school that is less than five miles from our house, especially as we head into the High School years.

Tucker is enrolled in the Alpha Omega Online Academy (using the Switched On Schoolhouse computer curriculum.) He does all of his work on the computer and then sends it, via the Internet, to his teacher in cyberspace. She grades it and sends it back by the next morning, with corrections, notes, and assignments for the day.

As much as I preferred being a hands-on homeschooler I had to accept the fact that I only have two hands with which to take care of my family, homeschool, write books, oversee MomTime Ministries, and update this website. The homeschool and online academies are exactly what the Great Physician ordered for this season of my life and ministry. The curriculum is challenging enough to hone the kids' independent study skills while freeing me up to work at home as I superintended their school work.

I want to be up front with you about my affiliation with AOP. I do get compensation if you enter through my website link and end up purchasing something.

I wanted to make sure you knew that so you wouldn't feel like I was simply telling you how great the program is because I was getting paid to say it. The truth is, I think computer curriculum and online education is opening up the door to many parents who wouldn't ordinarily be able to homeschool and Alpha Omega is the leader in the field - and for good reason.

So check it out and see if it might work for you. For more information on Alpha Omega Homeschool Curriculum


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