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The ADVENTure of Christmas

Redeeming the Meaning of Christmas... Have you discovered that Jesus sometimes gets lost in the middle of the hustle and bustle of His birthday party? Would you like to be able keep your children’s focus on Jesus and be able to join them in the wonder of the celebration?

For each of the twenty-four days preceding Christmas, The ADVENTure of Christmas serves as a fun and handy guide that describes the true meaning hidden in your most cherished traditions. Hanging lights on the house, wrapping gifts, and decorating the tree will become opportunities to share how these traditions relate to Jesus’ birth. The ADVENTure of Christmas recaptures the delightful essence of this beloved season, giving reasons to joyfully celebrate for years to come.

Creative Correction - The Bible Study DVD Leader Kit and Member Book
While Supplies Last

Creative Correction
The Bible Study Member Book
While Supplies Last

Creative Correction - The Bible Study
DVD Leader Kit and Member Book

Here is a positive, practical, and biblical approach for correcting behavioral issues and teaching children moral values that will last a lifetime. Creative Correction: The Bible Study is organized for busy parents and includes video teaching segments with author Lisa Whelchel. This seven-week group study includes a Leader Kit with two DVDs and one Member Book. The Member Book provides workbook lessons in a five-day format (also includes leader helps).

Creative Correction - The Bible Study
Member Book

This six-week Bible study is written to lay a firm, biblical foundation for creatively correcting your children. Read and find directly from God's Word the reasons for teaching a respect for authority, why stories reach a child's heart, when bribes, uh I mean, rewards, are effective, and where to go when your children fail and when you feel like a failure. Set aside a few minutes every day and draw closer to the Lord and become a more confident parent all at the same time.

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Bible Study Member Book
While Supplies Last

Creating a legacy of faith...

Lisa Whelchel combines her love for God’s Word and her enthusiasm for scrapbooking to help women sow spiritual seeds in the next generation…and beyond.

This Is My Story is a fun six-week adventure that guides you in creating a keepsake “storybook” to tell of God’s love and faithfulness. Through daily Bible study and journaling activities, you will remember the significant faith stories and spiritual markers of your life. Then you will record them on beautiful archival-safe papers, adhere them to gorgeous pages, and place them in your “This Is My Story” album. (No prior scrapbooking experience required!)

By the end of the study, you’ll have a beautiful storybook that will be a treasured heirloom for children, grandchildren, or other loved ones. And this storybook, which tells of your personal walk with God, will have the power to change lives for generations to come.

Bible Study Member Book - This Member Book includes material for six weeks of interactive daily assignments (five days per week.) Each day ends with a journaling assignment, followed by a sample of Lisa’s journaling and a practice journaling page. You will also need the Scrapbook Album and Elements Pack to complete your Storybook.

Lisa Whelchel's Everyday Workout Video



Lisa Whelchel's Everyday Workout for the Everyday Woman

I’m an everyday woman when it comes to fitness. I know exercise is key for my health and well-being, but I don’t always enjoy doing it. And as a busy working mom, I have had a hard time fitting workouts into my schedule.

But I’ve learned that having fun with exercise can make all the difference. So I’ve teamed up with my friend and trainer Janice Clark to demonstrate two safe, sane, and effective workouts for women of all shapes and sizes. Two more friends join us so we can show three options for each move: beginner (and those with physical limitations), a step up, and challenging.

If you’re an everyday woman who wants to be healthier, stronger, more energetic, and have a looser waistband, follow us and have some fun!

Friendship for Grown-Ups

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"Girlfriend Package"
2 Copies for $33.00!

Friendship For Grown-Ups

Do you long for a true friend?

“Isn’t that what we all want? To be seen, in all our glory, for better or worse, the good, the bad, and the ugly and still be embraced?’ If only such friendships were easy to find. And keep.

Growing up as an actress in Hollywood, there were few people Lisa could trust, and even fewer to guide her. By the time she reached adulthood, she had learned to be self-sufficient. She was strong, she was “safe,” and she was lonely.

One day, Lisa found that the “the desire to experience connection was stronger than the desire to be safe.” She determined right then to finally understand friendship: how to create one, sustain it, and experience the sheer joy of having it. But it wasn’t easy.

Lisa’s story is heartfelt and compelling. She explores the thorny topic of women’s friendships with honesty, emotion and practical insight. For those who’ve grown up in strong friendships, this book offers powerful reminders to protect those friendships and keep them healthy. And for the rest of us who long for that companionship, this book is a much-needed and compassionate guide to becoming the friend we all need.


The Facts of Life and Other Lessons My Father Taught Me

My autobiography is a collection of stories from my life illustrating how my heavenly Father has been a very practical parent in my life. He has taught me such important life-lessons as what to learn from failure, when it's good to give up, why He sometimes says no, how to spend money, where to go when you're going to blow, and even who to marry. These, I think you'll agree, are the real facts of life.

To be honest, I don't consider this book an autobiography in the typical, "this is my whole life story" sense of the word. I've chosen to delete certain parts of my past, others I've mercifully left out to spare you the boredom; and the future, of course, is yet to be written. But there are many stories from my life that I'm thrilled to open up and share with you!


Creative Correction - Updated Edition with New Toddler Chapter

I'm so happy that you are interested in my book, "Creative Correction". My desire is to help moms and dads find practical help and fresh hope for the arduous, yet rewarding, task of raising healthy, happy children.

I have three children, ages 8,9 & 11, including a son diagnosed with ADHD. It was out of sheer desperation that I came up with many of the discipline ideas in this book. Traditional child-rearing methods are a good place to start but I found, as I'm sure you have as well, that my three children just aren't cookie cutter kids. They each required, and deserved, discipline that took into account their own inherent strengths and weaknesses.

I have saved the best part of the book for last - the topical index. If you find yourself in the middle of an issue with your child, simply turn to the back up the book, look up the infraction, and be directed to a handful of ways to handle the situation.

$20 – Website Price - $15

Taking Care of the Me in Mommy

Moms get so busy with the “doing” and the “giving” for their families that they often balance on the edge of burn-out. Knowing how apt moms are to prioritize themselves at the very bottom of the list, Lisa offers a picnic basket full of practical and time-saving tips so that moms can enjoy the things they value most, God, family and relationships!

As an author, speaker, wife and mom, Lisa understands “busy”! Through time-redeeming, practical secrets and a look at what the Bible says about rest and refueling, moms can find time to take care of themselves without guilt.

For each of those areas where we feel we are lacking, such as:

- Worship
- Prayer
- Exercise
- Beauty
- Fun
- Friends
- And Sleep!

To find out more click here.


The Busy Mom's Guide To Prayer

Prayer is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and those you love. But if you are like most busy moms, hectic schedules and over-filled days interfere with your best intentions. As a pastor’s wife, author and mom of three children, I know exactly what it feels like to struggle with the guilt that comes from not spending enough time in prayer. That is why I created this guided prayer journal just for you. In just ten minutes a day, you can pray through each of the six categories – Praise, Self, Husband, Children, Personal Influences and Reaching Beyond.

In one month you will have thoroughly prayed through each of these areas of concern by bringing nearly one hundred and twenty matters before your heavenly Father. Set aside just ten minutes for yourself,
Open the pages of this book, And make a difference in your life, your family, And your world through prayer.


The Busy Mom's Guide To Wisdom

What busy mom couldn’t use a little heavenly wisdom to help her through her hectic days! In her breezy, down-to-earth style, Lisa Whelchel relates the tried and true wisdom of Proverbs to the everyday life of mothering.

Fifty-two devotionals – one for each week of the year- share much-needed wisdom on topics like being in control, worry, discipline, fear, child safety, financial planning, people pleasing, and much much more. In this insightful book, you’ll find the wisdom you need to be the mom you want to be.



The Busy Grandma's Guide To Prayer

Making a Difference That Lasts an Eternity

Probably more than anyone, grandmas know the value of investing time and love in the lives of their children and grandchildren. But sometimes even a grandma’s busy schedule seems to crowd out what her heart wants to do. That’s why Lisa Whelchel teamed up with her mother, the grandmother of her children, to create this guided prayer journal for the busy grandma. The plan is simple:

10 minutes a day * 20 days a month
120 power-filled prayers

“As Lisa and her mother, Gentry, have made so clear in this helpful guide, my prayers for my family will impact them longer than any of us will live. This book is a great tool for guiding prayer for those we love the most, and prayer is the best thing, sometimes the only thing, and definitely the first thing we can do to make a difference in their lives…eternally.”
Gloria Gaither – Author; Lyricist


Speaking Mom-Ese

Lisa Whelchel definitely knows how to speak the language of motherhood. From the days you just want to break down in tears because the kids are sick and cranky and the house is a wreck, to the joys of seeing your kids’ eyes light up when they “get” a new understanding of God’s love, she’s been there and can relate.

A busy mom who understands the challenges of juggling three active kids’ schedules, church activities, a career and a happy marriage, Lisa understands the critical time balance required of mothers.

Written in short devotional style, with accompanying scripture verses, prayers, and personal reflection, Speaking Mom-ese grants us a few moments of peace in the midst of the surrounding chaos.

Speaking Mom-ese provides the connection we need to make it through wild days, knowing we’re not the only ones who’ve “been there, wiped that.”


So You're Thinking About Homeschooling - New, Second Edition

Most homeschooling books, full of impressive facts and information, are written to address the mind. I’m guessing that it is for the love of a child that you have even picked up this book in the first place.

That is why I have chosen to speak to your hearts, along with your minds, using stories.

Fifteen Diverse Families. Fifteen Different Styles.

How To Start Your Own MomTime DVD Kit

Moms give and give and give some more, but they rarely take time to receive. No wonder mom-burnout threatens to snuff out the simple joys of being a mother. Wouldn’t it be nice if moms had some time just for themselves to encourage one another, learn from each other’s challenges and most of all, be refreshed through laughter?

That is what MomTime is all about! Everything you need is provided in this “how-to” guide – from easy instructions on forming your group, to simple recipes, delightful conversation prompts and side-splitting game ideas, Lisa comes alongside, sharing ten years of experience hosting her own MomTime

Join Lisa personally, on the included DVD, as she invites you into her home and introduces you to the four main ingredients of a successful MomTime – food, faith, friends and fun!


MomTime Moments
Narrated by: Lisa Whelchel

You Live life in the fast lane. Don't run out of gas on the curve. Fuel up with MomTime Moments- Brief but powerful audio devotions to plug into your car stereo. Each CD contains 20 devotions...one for each weekday of the month. Now you can fit in devotional time even on rushed mornings.


Creative Correction Spanish

¿No Podemos Lograr Que Nuestro Niño Se Comporte?, No Nos Frustremosà ¡Volvámonos !

Hemos intentado el uso de penitencias, la suspensión de salidas y la corrección física, pero aún así los jovencitos no cambian. Talvez sería oportuno probar nuevas estrategias.

Cuando la corrección se lleva a cabo de manera creativa, resulta más provechosa para el niño y para los padres. ¡Y llega a ser más eficaz a la hora de producir resultados a largo plazo!.

Nuestros hijos han estado:

  • ¿Actuando irrespetuosamente?.
  • ¿Mintiendo?.
  • ¿Quejándo se?.
  • ¿Desordenándolo todo?.

Para estas y otras situaciones que enfrentamos como padres, Lisa Whelchel nos ofrece ideas nuevas que nos ayudarán a ganar la batalla de la disciplina.

De este libro divertido y fácil de usar ya se han vendido más de 150.000 copias y ahora incluye un nuevo capítulo específicamente dedicado a los más pequeñitos y además breves cuestionarios para estudio en grupos.

Corrección creativa tiene un diseño agradable para quien lo usa, e incluye una sección llamada caja de herramientasal final de los capítulos, llena de sugerencias prácticas y creativas. También cuenta con índice temático.


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